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Looking For A Body-weight Workout Program That Is Based On Actual Science And Proven To Get You Results? 

The "Build Muscle Without A Gym" program is designed for people who are looking for an alternative to the traditional gym. Body-weight exercises are great for that. You need nothing but your own body, can choose your workout location and train whenever you want. 

But this program does more than teaching you a few exercises and workout tips. In the course, I go over the science behind building muscle and successful dieting, the perfect beginner workout plan, and show you how to set clear and well-defined fitness goals that keep you motivated.

By giving you the necessary tools to reach your fitness goals, I will also have to debunk certain training myths that have been around for decades. How many times have you been told that if to build muscle you need to…

  • Exercise at least five times per week…

  • Train two or even three hours…

  • Drink two or more protein shakes per day…

  • And perfectly time your meals no more than three hours apart.


As you will see in the course, most of these “tips” are nonsense and some will even work against you in the long run. Instead, I will show you the exact training methods that are scientifically proven to work. 

Here is what's inside the program:

  • Step-By-Step Muscle Building 

  • Step-By-Step Fat Loss 

  • Full Body-weight Workout 

  • Exercise Videos To Help You Train With Perfect Form

  • Everything You Need To Know About Nutrition And Dieting 

  • How To Stay Motivated Through Clear Goals  


Home workouts are great to build muscle, lose weight, and work out at home. You can do basic body-weight exercises and body-weight fitness anywhere which makes this body-weight workout the perfect muscle-building program if you are looking to boost your fitness. Bodyweight exercises are the simplest to gain muscle and lose fat.



Small workout to start with and pay session to session





10 hrs

Hardcore workouts


5 sessions per week


12 hrs 

Goal based workout

₹ 6,000/month

3 sessions per week​



120 hrs

Workout designed and tracked



3 session per week

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