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How to set a perfect social media profile?

Can you delegate social media interaction?

Of course, you can use the social media savvy people within your company, or an outside agency, to help you set up personal and company profile pages.

If you’re worried about what to write then just remember, always go for quality over quantity.

Your social media presence is representing you to the public.

We hope you enjoy your journey into mastering social media when time is short.

Step 1: Set up

Before you start here’s a bit of prep you can do which will make setting up your profiles far quicker and easier

1. Who am I - your mini-biography

2. Find a good middle ground here - too little information won’t help you engage with people and give an impression of you, while too much information that’s all ‘me, me, me’ can stop people’s interest very quickly.

3. Write everything down that you can think of, then edit it down to a nice one-page summary.

Step 2: keywords

The next item to jot down is keywords that are relevant to you as a person, to your company, and to the products and services you offer.

These will be the keywords and terms that would be helpful for you to monitor on social sites.

Sometimes some keywords don't produce good results and it takes a bit of trial and error to hit on the best words to use.

Step 3: Information sources

Where do you personally go for information currently – for example, for news about your industry? Or business and management advice? Are there particular sources like magazines, blogs, or news sites that you go to? In the same way, which companies and institutions do you respect and would like to hear more from? In all these cases you should be able to find if these organizations are on social media with a quick Google search.

Step 4: Setting up your profiles:

Your profiles need to be accurate and interesting. You will need:

  • A professional photo

An inviting, well-lit portrait shot with a simple background is the best. You only need to show your head and shoulders. For someone in a position of management and leadership, it is really important to use a professional-quality photo. It all adds to your credibility.

  • Interesting Bio

You have prepared your biography now you simply need to transfer it to the relevant online profiles. On LinkedIn, you have a lot of space for your biography and can add quite a bit of information. Start small and continue to flesh out your profile as you go along. Stick to the most relevant professional milestones and include any publications or anything else that could be interesting about you as a professional person.

  • Make Facebook private

Facebook is best left private. If you’re on there, make sure your settings are on private so you do not show anything by accident that you don't want the public to see. Have an appealing profile photo and cover shot and only connect with people who you know. Never connect as a friend on Facebook with people you do not know.

  • Upload existing contacts and connect

The first step to building up your connections is to connect with those you already know. This is quite easy on LinkedIn where you can simply import the data. It doesn't mean that you have to connect with all of your contacts and in most cases, you wouldn’t want to – be selective and do not let LinkedIn do this for you. With this in mind, be careful not to automate this matching process as you also do not want LinkedIn to spam all your contacts.

Still, no time to wind up these things, delegate it to us. Yes! The only A to Z Virtual assistance.

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