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Quality Assurance Team(100% Accuracy)

Quality Assurance methodology have a defined cycle called PDCA cycle or Deming cycle. The phases of this cycle are:

  • Plan

  • Do

  • Check

  • Act

Quality Assurance :

These above steps are repeated to ensure that the services followed in our organization are evaluated and improved on a periodic basis. Let's look into the above QA steps in detail -

Plan - Our organization plans and establish the service related objectives and determine it that are required to deliver a High-Quality end service.

Do - Development and testing of services and will also "do" changes in it

Check - Monitor it, modify it, and will check whether it meets the predetermined objectives

Act - A Quality Assurance tester will implement actions that are necessary to achieve improvements in our service

Our organization uses Quality Assurance to ensure that our service is designed and implemented with correct procedures. This will help to reduce problems and errors, at the final end of our service.

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