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You might know that proofreading does not involve in-depth changes or fact-checking and that proofreading is not the same as editing. The proofreader compares the proofs—printed versions of the manuscript, which include all the formatting that will be included in the final edition—with the edited copy to make sure that no errors have been introduced by the formatting or printing. Proofreading should always be the last step taken before a document is published online, handed to a professor, submitted for a job application, or otherwise shared with its intended audience.

We at AtoZ Virtual offer you proofreading services which are just not limited to editing big documents but also involve reading and simplifying the document for the clients. The main purpose is to reduce the time consumed in reading and

simplifying the content. We are here available 24/7 to make things easier for you.


As businesses or jobs are online these days there are a lot of things some people are not familiar with when it comes to technology. Hence, it is a possibility that many important points are missed out. But, it is now hassle-free and just a click away at AtoZ Virtual.

To know more about our services contact us.

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